Who is Kelasa?


Kelasa is the friendly bot, that cute little guy above, that integrates your Workfront projects with Slack. What does this mean? Well, this means that you and your team can continue to collaborate and work on Slack, without needing to switch to e-mail.

Improve Productivity… Track hours easily… Do your work right, with Kelasa.

Make the most of your investment in Workfront

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How it works.

Step 1 : Register / Login to Kelasa
Step 2 : Connect your Workfront and Slack accounts
Step 3 : Connect a Workfront project with a Slack channel

That's it!


So what can Kelasa do?

How can Kelasa help you?

  • Workfront Champion
    You’ve made the Investment in Workfront - leverage that Investment to the max
    • Increase productivity - enable your team to work as they prefer to - on Slack and away from e-mail.
    • Ensure that Workfront remains the system of record for time tracking and project status
    • Bill your clients more effectively. Kelasa helps individual contributors track time more accurately, and towards the right task. No more guesstimates or mis-applied hours.
    • Overview of all notifications for a project. Managing multiple projects - get a birds-eye view of all project notifications on one channel.
  • Project Manager
    Become a Workfront hero!
    • Having difficulty persuading your team to consistently use Workfront? Kelasa has a handy bot - that will remind team members of their tasks and prompt for status. No need for nagging e-mails any more.
    • Get team members to accept assigned tasks. Kelasa will prompt team members to view assigned tasks and let them accept tasks - right on Slack.
    • Get a true picture of your project status. Workfront has super powerful tools. But they are only as good as the underlying data. Use Slack’s stickiness to gather accurate data from the team.
  • Team Member
    Have e-mail blindness?
    • Kel to the rescue. We know that you get way too many e-mail notification; to the point that you’ve stopped looking.
    • Track and manage your tasks, issues and time. List assigned tasks anytime you want. OR let the bot remind you of your tasks once a day.


Want to try us out first?

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    5 Users
    Connect 20 projects to Slack channels
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    30 Users
    Connect Unlimited projects to Slack channels
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Included in Every Plan

  • Project Notification
  • New Task Notification
  • Issue Notification
  • List Your Tasks
  • List Your Work Requests
  • Update Task Status
  • Update Issue Status
  • Email Support within 24 hours
  • Time Tracking
  • Reminder Bot
  • Approve Requests